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Hello people of the internet!

I am Carter Weyrauch the founder and manager of Save an Artist. We will cover Save an Artist soon but first a brief introduction so readers can know more about me.  I’m a graduate from Boise State University’s entrepreneurship program. From the age of 6 I’ve had dreams of owning my own company, being my own boss and hopefully someday making a nice bit of money doing so. Thanks to my parents and some amazing friends I have a grown to have a lot of self confidence.  It has led to me being very motivated to learn and practice new things. Since graduating high school I have taught myself how to play the guitar, how to train dogs to vault off my back, do a handstand, and many other crazy tricks Continue reading

“What Constitutes Art?” My personal experience as a Not So Artsy Artist and Discussions of Art

I am not a gifted painter, nor am I good at drawing, doodling, or anything that requires drawing uniform, straight lines.  I have found my artist medium in dance. In particular a Performance art, or Flow Art as a lot of poi spinners would call it. I got into flow arts when my friend Tera Miller introduced me to the art of hooping (here is a great example).  I was working at Petsmart as a dog trainer and had a vision for incorporating dog training into flow arts.  I planned to have the dog jump through hoops as I spun them and did tricks. I got the dog to jump through but double hooping was a lot harder then I expected.  Everyone out there recommended trying poi then transferring to double hoops once you get a feel for it.  I started on poi and I was hooked. Here is a video of myself

I am however working on turning my original idea of combining flow arts with dog training and adding paint to my pup’s paws to make art through dog training and performance art.  I hope to post it as a video before the end of our Kickstarter campaign and perhaps adding the art created from my dog Endo’s paws and my dancing to Kickstarter as a reward.

The idea of combining art, dog training, and performance/flow arts came about from a debate my girlfriend and I were having as to whether what I do with my dog training constituted art. The majority of people have said that it doesn’t count as an art. It is just a discipline. However a good friend by the name of Tyler Rayne brought up the comparison of the discipline, or as I like to think, art of dog training to the ancient arts of craftsmanship. Basically if crafting a bowl or a sword constitutes art does the crafting of a beautiful connection between man and beast and raising of a dog that practically understands English count as an art itself.  This is a debate that I really enjoy and I encourage people to make arguments for either side.

What else do people out there do that you think might constitute art in less conventional way?

One last thing to mention.  I recently sat down with one of our artists, Travis Seibolt who let me use his water colors to make my first attempt at art since junior high. It is a water color with touches of black light sharpie in the eyes.  I don’t post this because I think its good (I feel like a total amateur compared to Alex and Travis),  but I do it to show people my journey as an artist in development.  I hope to develop myself more and prove my self proclaimed talent for teaching myself things in more then just business.  Hopefully everyone will see some development in my talents as I delve into the world of arts with anyone who tunes into my blog.   Here is my piece.  I call it Surrealize

 photo 2015-02-22 04.00.53.jpg
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